please read!

*Please note: Attendance and participation in the 12th annual Jingle Bell Walk is not without risk. In doing so you agree to walk at your own risk and waive and release Greyhound Adventures from any and all liability from any unforeseen event. You also agree to be responsible for your dog and his/her behavior.

If your dog is not good with other dogs or other breeds, PLEASE consider leaving him/her at home. If you are unsure please bring a muzzle.

There are many factors on this walk that may contribute to your dog becoming stressed. Large crowds, more than 100 dogs, traffic, noise and other distractions may affect how your dog behaves. Please take this into consideration. Be aware of what is going on around you and your dog.

We want to make sure this is an enjoyable event for all of us and our dogs. Thank you for your cooperation.