2 Hounds Design

Designer Martingale Dog Collars, Leashes and Holiday Cards featuring Greyhounds.
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Greyhound Adventures on Cafepress

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Especially for Pets

Especially For Pets is a business created by pet lovers for pet lovers. As pet owners, we understand your needs and promise to place the welfare of your pet first.

We are an educational resource for pet owners on all aspects of responsible pet ownership and are well informed regarding nutrition and the latest in pet care.

Our stores are located in your neighborhood for your convenience. As a conscientious neighbor, we add value to the community by working with local charitable organizations, as well as local veterinarians, shelters, and breeders.

With seven stores, and over 16 years in business, our number one priority has always been friendly, individual service. We work hard to make the relationship between you and your pet a positive and rewarding experience.