Lost Dog

My greyhound is lost!

Post to Greyhound Amber Alert Forums:

One of Greyhound Adventures' key missions is to assist greyhound owners, especially those who live in Massachusetts, should their dog go missing. This plan includes having a network of fellow greyhound owners ready to help in the recovery of a lost dog. We are fortunate to be familiar with people who have a long history in participating in searches.

While Greyhound Adventures does not conduct lost dog searches, we do provide the necessary resources and tools to owners in the event their hound is lost.

Safety Tips

  • The top reason greyhounds get lost is out an open gate or door. Please take a moment to check yours, and always be vigilant.
  • Never leave your dogs in the yard unattended. It only takes a second for them to escape.

We would love to get through this year with NO LOST HOUNDS! They depend on you to keep them safe.